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Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Buying Guide Surface Cleaner Buying Guide

Apex Unlimited.com-
Our Flat Surface Cleaners-How they Save you time and energy!

What are the features & benefits to buying a surface cleaner? Which surface cleaner will work with my pressure washer? Find out all this and more in this section...

The Best Way To Pressure Wash Large Surfaces? A Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner!

When it comes to pressure washing large areas such as driveways, walkways, drive thrus, parking lots, etc. using just a pressure washer wand is tiring, time consuming, super dirty and simply put- it just doesn’t cut it. This is why using a high quality pressure washer flat surface cleaner (also called a concrete cleaner or surface spinner) is the only way to go when it comes to cleaning the types of large horizontal areas mentioned above. This fantastic pressure washing tool saves you vast amount of time and energy but at the same time it gives you results that far surpass using just a pressure washer wand.

How Does A Pressure Washer Flat Surface Cleaner Work?

A pressure washer concrete / flat surface cleaner uses the force of your pressure washer to get the job done. The pressurized water from your pressure washer goes from your pressure washer, through your hose and into the swivel on the pressure washer flat surface cleaner to rapidly spin a bar (underneath a metal or plastic deck or cover)that has two high pressure nozzles, on at each end of the bar. The nozzles spin at rates up to 2500 RPM. Cleaning is easy- you simply walk behind the pressure washer flat surface cleaner as it cleans the surface. You might say it works kind of like a lawnmower but instead of gas engine spinning a blade to cut grass, you use the force of water from your pressure washer to spin nozzles to clean large areas quickly.

The Advantages Of Using A Pressure Washer Concrete Cleaner Are Many

The advantages of using a pressure washer concrete cleaner compared tovusing just the traditional pressure washer wand are amazing. The time savings is incredible– you can pressure wash an area 60-80 percent faster than with just a pressure washer wand alone. Also, the amount of energy the operator saves is notable, rather than being exhausted from working with a wand, you simply walk behind the pressure washer surface spinner at a slow pace and let it do the work for you. But it all comes down to results- and a pressure washer flat surface cleaner doesn't dissapoint- no more of those annoying zebra stripes or messy overspray from the pressure washer gun. You are left with a nice evenly cleaned surface!

The money spent for a surface cleaner is worth it: When you factor it all in: the time savings, the fatigue savings and the results are so significant, the initial investment in a quality pressure washer concrete cleaner pays for itself in just a handful of jobs. It one of the tools you that you will say to yourself- "Why didn't I buy one of these years ago?"

Our Pressure Washer Surface Spinners are the Best in the Business- And there is a difference:

  • The best names in the business: Whisper Wash, Mosmatic, Steel Eagle, Hydramotion – these are the best names in the business. Don’t be fooled by cheaper surface cleaners the difference is in the…
  • Quality Components: This is the most critical factor in having a surface cleaner that works perfect every time comes down to the most important component- surface cleaner Swivel. This is what converts the water from your pressure washer into the power to spin the pressure washer surface cleaners nozzles at up to 2500 RPM. Our pressure washer concrete cleaners have the highest quality swivels on the market today. They easily outlast the competitions, they spin super fast, super smooth and give you an evenly cleaned surface time after time.
  • The Deck (or cover): The covers on our pressure washer concrete cleaners are made of either high impact ABS plastic or super heavy duty stainless steel. They catch overspray and can definitely stand up to the rigors of daily use.
  • Gun, Handles and fittings: Super heavy duty hose, pressure washer guns and fittings and quick connects add up to a pressure washer surface spinner that is both tough and durable.
  • Easily swiveling caster wheels: Our surface cleaners have quality made caster wheels that allow you to easily maneuver around, under and beside obstacles with minimal effort.
  • Innovation: Need a surface cleaner that converts to a wall cleaner? we’ve got it. One with a built in gun and wand to clean out corners-we have it. How about a pressure washer surface cleaner with an height adjustable deck- we've got that too. We have the surface cleaners that have features you may not have even thought of yet!
  • A size and price for every budget -and every need. Our models range in price from about $135.00 up to $1200.00. And from as small as an eight inch cleaning path all the way up to being able to clean a three foot wide path with each pass, and everything in between.
  • Fast Shipping – Most of our pressure washer flat surface cleaners ship within 2-5 business days. Quantity orders may vary some.

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